Best Place To Buy Used or Second Hand Titleist Golf Clubs Online

Best Place To Buy Used or Second Hand Titleist Golf Clubs Online

Best Place To Buy Used or Second Hand Titleist Golf Clubs Online

Titleist Golf Equipment

Golf is now one of the most played sports around the world today, and everyone that plays requires a set of clubs. This means that there are thousands of different varieties of clubs available to buy so the task of choosing which ones are right for you can be quite daunting. Golf has some of the most recognisable brands within the world of sports that even most non golfers are aware of such as TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway & Titleist just to name a few. 

The Titleist brand began in 1932 when an amateur golfer named Phil Young missed a well-stroked put during a match with his friend. Between them, they discovered that golf balls at this time were very rarely perfectly round and their mass was often off centre resulting in unpredictable ball flight and rolling on the green. Young set out on a mission to develop the highest quality and best performing golf ball in the world. Years later, they had the same dream about developing the best golf clubs as well as balls.

Titleist focussed their efforts purely on delivering the highest quality products. To validate their quality and to give them a strong brand image within the golfing industry, Titleist chose to only distribute their clubs through golf professionals only, in a time where most golf clubs were sold in department stores. This revolutionised the idea of the ‘golf pro shop’ now found at most golf courses around the world.

By 1945 Titleist had focussed on getting their equipment in the PGA tour as much as possible with tour pros using both Titleist clubs and balls. They tried to get as many pros to use their equipment as possible to give the impression to customers that their equipment must be the best.

To this day, Titleist is one of the leading golf equipment manufacturers in the whole world. They have a large range of drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges and putters. Most pro shops and online golf stores stock both new and used Titleist golf clubs due to the high demand of the popular brand as well as their build quality and durability.

Second Hand Golf Clubs

As the sport of golf has grown, there are more golf clubs on the market than ever. This is thanks to two main contributing factors. Firstly, the revolution and the growth of the internet has allowed golfing equipment to easily be listed, advertised and sold easily to anyone with access to the internet. Secondly, the advancements in technology within the manufacturing world has allowed golfing and sports brands like Titleist to mass design and produce their equipment at a very high standard.

As a consequence of this, high-quality second-hand golf clubs and bags are abundant within the market. Most pro shops, golfing outlets and online stores now offer second hand golf clubs and bags, so it is difficult to know where to buy from when there are so many options. When browsing for second hand golf clubs it is important for the customer to ensure that there is no/little pre-existing damage on the equipment that will affect its performance.

Buying second hand golf clubs and bags is more economically friendly for the customer as used golf clubs come at a discounted price due to the fact that they’ve had previous owners and they’ve been used before. Additionally, buying second hand is also better for the environment as less materials are wasted, and less energy is used for the manufacturing process. As previously stated, the large golf brands and manufacturers such as Titleist develop their golf clubs to such a high standard that they can hit thousands of balls throughout many years of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. 

Best Rates For Used Titleist Golf Clubs

As Titleist are a premium golf brand, their products come in at quite a high price point and it would be very costly to fill your golf bag with brand new Titleist golf clubs. For this reason there is a large cost incentive to buy second hand golf products including used Titleist golf clubs and equipment. For example, as of October 2022, one of Titleists most up to date drivers is the TSi3 driver model. This driver retails currently for approximately £400. There are several online golf stores that sell used Titleist golf clubs including the TSi3 driver. has the Titleist TSi3 driver listed at £299, has the TSi3 listed at £285, but the best deal online at the moment for the Titleist TSi3 driver is at for £229! 

Another one of Titleists best selling products is their T300 irons. The T300 irons are a variation of the T100 series which are one of the most commonly used irons on tour. The T300 irons have been adapted for mid-high handicappers with improved loft and forgiveness from the face of the club. The chrome finish on the T300 irons gives them a premium look and the size and shape of the head and face of the club inspire confidence when stood over the ball. The RRP for the T300 irons is £730, but a used set of Titleist T300 irons can be found at for as little as £489.

One of the main concerns from consumers when looking at buying used golf clubs is the condition that they are in. Some used golf clubs will have been used for many years and some may have only been used for a couple of rounds. When shopping for second hand golf clubs UK a great place to look is Next2New Golf ( as all of their products come with a detailed description, specifications and importantly a condition rating. This condition rating is an assessment carried out by their experienced team in order to let you know how close to ‘new’ the club is. Along with this, each club listed on their website comes with plenty of high quality photos from all angles of the club so you can see whether it looks right for you.

An excellent second-hand retailer, like Next2New Golf will always be happy to give you advice on the product either they have for sale or don’t. It makes no sense for a new golfer who has only been playing for 12 months to go and buy a set of blade irons online because they will struggle to hit them and this risks them leaving the game forever. So if you’re going to use a retailer for second hand then talk to them, ask their advice, these people work every day in the industry and will be able to give you at least a second opinion for you to consider before you buy.

At Next2New golf their friendly team is always on hand to answer any queries you may have about any of the items listed on their website. They ship to anywhere in the UK and have a great returns and refunds policy just in case you decide the club isn't right for you even after you've made a purchase. Be sure to check out their online store for all of your golfing needs at a discounted price!