All Advice On Second Hand Ping Golf Clubs And Ping Drivers For A Beginner

All Advice On Second Hand Ping Golf Clubs And Ping Drivers For A Beginner

All Advice On Second Hand Ping Golf Clubs And Ping Drivers For A Beginner

Ping has been around since 1959 starting with just one man making putters in a garage, but growing over the years to become a world renowned name in quality golf clubs and equipment. It was Ping who brought the innovation of colour coding lie and loft, heat- treated clubheads and perimeter weighting and it is fair to say that Ping have come to be recognised as the gold standard for quality and value in the golfing world. Quality does of course come at a price, but if you make your selection from our extensive range of second hand Ping golf clubs you will find your perfect Ping drivers, wedges, putters, hybrids and fairways at refreshingly affordable prices.

Ping became a watchword for quality because they grew out of a desire to improve the equipment that was available to golfers. That lone man in a garage back in 1959 was Kasten Solheim, an engineer working for General Electric. Solheim was simply not happy with the range of putters that were available at the time, and so as a practical man he decided that he could probably do better. His first attempt, Ping 1A - so named because of the “ping” sound that was made by the metal blade when it struck the ball – had a head that was weighted at the heel and the toe, an innovative arrangement which created a larger “sweet spot” at the centre of the club’s face.

Solheim spent years earning a reputation for fine quality putters, and it was a full decade before he began to expand the Ping range utilising the same heel-toe weighting that had been so successful in the putter, and Ping golf club sets began to conquer the world.

Second hand Ping drivers or hybrids

All levels of competition have been won by players with a bag full of Ping clubs. From junior events at local courses all the way up to the four major championships, so it is not surprising in any way that there are always a lot of golfers on the lookout for second hand Ping golf clubs for sale in good condition. By choosing second hand Ping golf clubs, you can get the legacy of quality and design that professional golfers have enjoyed, but at a mere fraction of the price that you would have to pay for new clubs.

Those with unlimited budgets like to update their bag with new Ping clubs regularly because new specifications are released every year. This means that for those with less to spend there will always be a good quantity of second hand Ping golf clubs that have not seen all that much action available to be snapped up at bargain prices. Whether you are on the lookout for second hand Ping drivers, fairways, irons, wedges, putters or hybrids you can make considerable savings on high specification Ping clubs. With the price of everything on the rise and new golf equipment costing more than it ever has, it makes sense to get high quality, previously enjoyed Ping craftsmanship at lower prices.

Second hand Ping golf clubs are amongst the most sought after clubs on the second hand market, and this can make them hard to find. So it is reassuring to know that whether you are looking for second hand Ping drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges, or putters, you will always find a fabulous range of Ping golf clubs for sale at Next2New Golf, so you will always have plenty to choose from.

 Second Hand Ping Golf Clubs for Sale

Of course, you do need to choose your second hand Ping golf clubs carefully because there is no point in buying clubs – whatever their make or quality – if they do not work well with your game, so think about both how you play and where you need to improve. Do you need help with ball slicing? Do you need a club that is just a little more forgiving? Are you looking for more distance? Whatever style of club you are looking for, whether it is second hand Ping drivers, or any other kind of second hand Ping golf clubs you definitely want quality second hand clubs that suits you (see below) at a sensibly affordable prices.

You can be assured that whatever your requirements you can always find a massive range of great quality Second Hand Ping Golf Clubs for Sale at Next2New Golf. What is more, our friendly and experienced team is always available to help you make an informed decision regarding your club selection.

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing second hand Ping golf clubs – especially if you are looking to buy second hand Ping drivers, is the Clubhead. You need to understand which style of head will best suit your game. It is always a good idea to have a friendly chat with your club’s professional, and get some advice from the more experienced players that you know will also give you something to think about. And of course you can always get in touch with Next2New Golf and consult our experienced team who are always very happy indeed to guide your choice.

You will need also to give some careful consideration to the type of shaft a club has – again this is particularly important if you are shopping for second hand Ping drivers or hybrids. Women, more senior golfers and people who are new to the sport benefit greatly from a more flexible shaft which helps to propel the ball a greater distance. Players in possession of a more powerful high speed swing will require a stiffer shaft that flexes less. So you do need to give some thought to the speed and power of your swing.

So if you decide to look for second hand Ping drivers or other second hand Ping golf clubs for sale on the internet it makes sense to come to a reputable dealer such as Next2New Golf with 100% 5 star Google reviews. The very high demand that exists for second hand Ping golf clubs means that both beginners and veteran golfers can struggle to find the club for them and many, faced with an apparently limited choice settle for a club that is almost, but not quite right.

Second Hand Golf Drivers UK

The great range we have at Next2new Golf means that we can make sure that there is a wide range of second hand Ping golf clubs so that you can make a perfect selection and never have to settle for second best. We have second hand Ping golf clubs which are absolutely perfect for players who are new to the sport and experienced old hands alike and it is our pleasure to match players with quality clubs that suit their playing style at a price to fit their budget.

So, if you are on a quest to find high quality, good condition second hand Ping golf clubs for sale, then you need to look no further than Next2New Golf. Talk to our experienced and friendly team today to find the used Ping golf clubs to take your game to the next level.