Affordable Used Titleist Golf Clubs & Second Hand Callaway Drivers For Sale

Affordable Used Titleist Golf Clubs & Second Hand Callaway Drivers For Sale

Titleist Golf Clubs 

The Titleist brand began in 1932 when an amateur golfer named Phil Young missed a well-stroked put during a match with his friend. Between them, they discovered that golf balls at this time were very rarely perfectly round and their mass was often off centre resulting in unpredictable ball flight and rolling on the green. Young set out on a mission to develop the highest quality and best performing golf ball in the world. Years later, they had the same dream about developing the best golf clubs as well as balls.

Titleist focussed their efforts purely on delivering the highest quality products. To validate their quality and to give them a strong brand image within the golfing industry, Titleist chose to only distribute their clubs through golf professionals only, in a time where most golf clubs were sold in department stores. This revolutionised the idea of the ‘golf pro shop’ now found at most golf courses around the world.

To this day, Titleist is one of the leading golf equipment manufacturers in the whole world. They have a large range of drivers, fairway woods, irons, wedges and putters. Most pro shops and online golf stores stock both new and used Titleist golf clubs due to the high demand of the popular brand as well as their build quality and durability.

Buying second hand golf clubs is more economically friendly for the customer as used golf clubs come at a discounted price due to the fact that they’ve had previous owners and they’ve been used before. Additionally, buying second hand is also better for the environment as less materials are wasted, and less energy is used for the manufacturing process. As previously stated, the large golf brands and manufacturers such as Titleist develop their golf clubs to such a high standard that they can hit thousands of balls throughout many years of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. As a result of this, used Titleist golf clubs can be found in abundance online.

Used Titleist golf clubs can be found at most online golf retailers due to their large popularity across the world. They are one of the worlds most trusted golf brands that take pride in their quality, performance and brand image.

Second Hand Callaway Drivers

The modern-day golf driver is built for optimum performance on the course. The driver in golf is the longest club that a golfer will have in their bag and also has the biggest head of any club. When it comes to drivers, the ultimate goal is to make a club that hits the ball further than any other. This can be achieved by increasing capabilities of faster club head speed and having improved ‘sweet spot’ on the club face for optimal trajectory.

The major golf club manufacturers around the world spend millions each year on research and development in pursuit of creating the best driver experimenting with different materials for manufacturing as well as testing different weights and feel within the club. Older golf drivers were first made with wood, which then over the years became metals such as steel and aluminium. In 1991 Callaway released the world’s first stainless steel driver and it revolutionised the game in golf and the way it is played.

Callaway is a world renowned golf brand that was started by Ely Callaway in 1982. He stated that when he was starting up the Calaway brand that he was ‘not a good enough salesman to sell a mediocre product’. This mindset forced him and his brand to create some of the best golf clubs on the market. Callaway claims to be relentless in pursuing the highest quality production of their golf clubs & equipment. 

Callaway is known for developing innovative products that help golfers hit longer and straighter shots from tee to green; controlled, higher-spinning shots around the green; and smooth, accurate putts. The long list of legendary Callaway products introduced across the past three decades is long, punctuated by the iconic Big Bertha driver, which drove Callaway to the top of the industry in the early 1990s, and the Great Big Bertha driver, which Golf Digest named “the greatest club of all time” for its combination of innovation, performance and lasting impact on the golf equipment landscape.

Due to the nature of their clubs and the wide range of high quality golf products that Callaway produces, it means that there are Callaway Golf drivers for golfers of all abilities.  Because of this there is an abundance of second hand Callaway drivers on the market. Callaway golf clubs are assembled in the USA to such a high quality that they can be used for many years whilst showing little to no deterioration in their ball striking performance so many golfers trade in or sell them when buying new clubs as they are too good to waste. 

Cobra Golf Clubs 

Another one of the worlds most well known golf brands that has a reputation for producing high quality golf drivers is Cobra.Cobra can be considered as one of the biggest rivals for both Titleist and Callaway.  Cobra is a company based in the US but was founded in 1973 by an Australian amateur golf champion named Thomas Crow. Cobras’ smart innovation led them to be the first club manufacturer in the U.S. to apply graphite to the shaft of a golf club for optimum performance and clubhead speed.  In 1989 Cobra introduced their ‘autoclave system’ which allowed their graphite shafts to be strengthened through a proprietary compression-curing process which at the time, was state of the art technology guaranteeing the highest quality shafts in the industry.

Even though tour pros always use brand new models of the clubs they carry in their bags, for most golfers, purchasing second hand clubs is the best way to make sure they have all of their desired clubs in their bag. Modern golf clubs are built with such high standards and are manufactured with premium materials so they often stay in great condition even through many years of use so when looking to purchase a new driver second-hand Cobra drivers should always be considered. Generally, because of the size and reputation of the brand, most shops and online retailers that offer used golf clubs will have second hand Cobra drivers for sale.

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