How To Find Second Hand Golf Clubs Such As Second Hand Drivers Near You

How To Find Second Hand Golf Clubs Such As Second Hand Drivers Near You

Thanks to the advancements in technology and the world wide use of the internet. It has never been easier to buy second hand golf clubs. The process of buying and acquiring new golfing equipment has never been easier. The second-hand golf club market is ever-growing, with technology moving so fast in the sport and specs changing & manufacturers pumping new product regularly there is a considerable amount of second hand, preowned, hardly used equipment out there ready to be bought at a bargain price. 

Golf is now one of the most played sports around the world today, and everyone that plays requires a set of clubs. This means that there are thousands of different varieties of clubs available to buy so the task of choosing which ones are right for you can be quite daunting. Golf has some of the most recognisable brands within the world of sports that even most non golfers are aware of such as Cobra, TaylorMade, Ping, Callaway & Titleist just to name a few.

Generally, any of these worldwide wide brands are a safe choice when looking at used golf clubs for sale. This is because these brands compete with each other year in year out to develop and deliver the highest quality golf clubs as possible to the market. Each year these brands spend millions on research and development of their golfing equipment to try and make the best clubs possible with high quality materials and state of the art designs. 

For this same reason, there are thousands of used golf clubs for sale both online and in stores. More often than not, when a golfer buys a new model of club, their old clubs that they are replacing still have years of use in them due to their high quality build from these internationally recognised brands. Whether you’re new to golf or if you’ve been playing for years, second-hand clubs are always a brilliant idea because you can buy a premium brand of clubs, so you know you’ve got proper equipment, at a fraction of the cost of new.

The modern-day golf driver is built for optimum performance on the course. The driver in golf is the longest club that a golfer will have in their bag and also has the biggest head of any club. When it comes to drivers, the ultimate goal is to make a club that hits the ball further than any other. This can be achieved by increasing capabilities of faster club head speed and having improved ‘sweet spot’ on the club face for optimal trajectory. In addition to this, it is just as important to be accurate and consistent as it is to hit the ball for, if not more so. When looking at drivers it is not just about how far the technology in the club allows you to hit the ball, there is a lot of work in maximising the forgiveness of the driver. Increased forgiveness when striking the ball with the head of the club means that there is more room for error. A more forgiving club means that the golfer can strike the ball not quite perfectly but will still see the desired ball flight.

When looking for drivers, there are a few brands that instantly stand out to most customers. TaylorMade is one example, as they are well known for introducing new technology; their 2022 model of driver is the TaylorMade Stealth driver which has a face forged from carbon fibre for faster swing speeds and better trajectory off the face of the club. Another golfing brand well known for their drivers is Cobra. 

Cobra is a company based in the US but was founded in 1973 by an Australian amateur golf champion named Thomas Crow. Cobras’ smart innovation led them to be the first club manufacturer in the U.S. to apply graphite to the shaft of a golf club for optimum performance and clubhead speed.  In 1989 Cobra introduced their ‘autoclave system’ which allowed their graphite shafts to be strengthened through a proprietary compression-curing process which at the time, was state of the art technology guaranteeing the highest quality shafts in the industry. At the time, this was considered as the single biggest breakthrough in graphite shafts for golf clubs, especially fairway woods and drivers.

From the get-go it was Cobra's mission to develop the best golf drivers on the market by using new technology and materials. In more recent times, the driver is still one of the most significant golf clubs any player has in their bag. When it comes to drivers, the ultimate goal is to make a club that hits the ball further than any other. This can be achieved by increasing capabilities of faster club head speed and having improved ‘sweet spot’ on the club face for optimal trajectory.

The best example of a tour pro driving long distances to achieve success is Bryson Dechambeau. Dechambeau has had a partnership deal with Cobra 2016 and is renowned throughout the golfing world for driving distances further than most if not all players on tour. To this day, Dechambeau still represents the Cobra brand on tour, using their clubs including their driver, cementing their brand as one of the biggest in the industry with a common conception of their drivers being exceptional for achieving long distances.

Most tour pros like Dechambeau use brand new models of the clubs they carry in their bags,  however, both new and experienced golfers buy second hand golf clubs to make sure you have all the desired golf clubs in the bag at an affordable price.  Modern golf clubs made by the leading manufacturers are built with very high standards and are quality controlled and manufactured with premium materials so they often stay in great condition even through many years of use so when looking to purchase a new driver second-hand Cobra drivers should always be an option.

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