Second Hand Mizuno Golf Clubs & Second Hand Golf Drivers

Second Hand Mizuno Golf Clubs & Second Hand Golf Drivers

Second Hand Mizuno Golf Clubs & Second Hand Golf Drivers

Mizuno Golf Clubs

In 1906, a Japanese man named Rihachi Mizuno opened a sports shop selling sports equipment in his hometown of Osaka, Japan. The shop predominantly sold western products, usually baseball equipment due to Mizuno’s love for the sport of baseball. Only seven years later, in 1913, Mizuno began to develop his own sports equipment with the help of his brother in pursuit of developing high quality performance equipment.  In 1933, Mizuno started to recognise the increasing popularity of golf around the world and began creating golf clubs. 89 years later and Mizuno Golf have gone on to be an internationally recognised brand within the sport that are used on tour by several pro golfers. Mizuno clubs have been used by golf major winners and several world #1’s. As well as tour pros, Mizuno also has brand deals with famous golf social media influencers and content creators such as Garrett Clark and Grant Horvat from the popular YouTube channel ‘Good Good Golf’. Brand deals like this help make their golf clubs become popular and admirable throughout a younger demographic.

Due to the increasing popularity of the Mizuno golf clubs, the company began exporting their goods to Europe in the 1970s’. When Mizuno’s golf equipment was first exported to the European market, the irons that were already available were usually forged from a single mould and would need detailing by hand which created an inconsistency between clubs. Mizuno’s mission was to combat this inconsistency, and they did this by revolutionising the forging process. Mizuno clubs would be manufactured using two moulds, reducing the need for hand grinding and detailing, resulting in less human errors and more consistent performance on the course.

Thanks to the advancements in technology over the years, Mizuno have been able to produce their products on a large scale without sacrificing the quality or performance of their clubs. This means that Mizuno clubs are globally available and easily accessible for purchase. There are now many models of Mizuno golf clubs, with the company making updated versions of their irons and drivers every year. One main consequence of this is that lots of keen golfers like trying new clubs before selling them on in order to buy the new model every year. As a result of this, you can easily find used Mizuno Golf Clubs for sale whether it be online or in the pro shop at your local course.

Not only has technology allowed for higher production rates of golf clubs, but it has also meant that golf clubs are more widely available for purchase thanks to the internet. There are many websites that now also offer second-hand golf clubs, many of which have used Mizuno golf clubs for sale.

Golf Drivers

The modern-day golf driver is built for optimum performance on the course. As the game of golf is becoming more and more popular, golf club manufacturers are constantly in competition to create the best clubs on the market. The driver in golf is the longest club that a golfer will have in their bag and also has the biggest head of any club. When it comes to drivers, the ultimate goal is to make a club that hits the ball further than any other. This can be achieved by increasing capabilities of faster club head speed and having improved ‘sweet spot’ on the club face for optimal trajectory.

The major golf club manufacturers around the world spend millions each year on research and development in pursuit of creating the best driver experimenting with different materials for manufacturing as well as testing different weights and feel within the club.

Even though golf is a game of accuracy and precision, one of the key elements of the modern game is about how far you can drive the ball. This is proven by the current tour pros who work hard in achieving the longest drive possible on the course leaving them with the least possible distance left to the green/hole. Some of the most famous examples of tour pros driving huge distances are big names such as Bryson Dechambeau & Rory Mcilroy who both consistently have a drive distance of over 300 yards! To achieve distances like this, most modern drivers are now made with advanced, light weight & strong materials like graphite, titanium and most recently, carbon fibre.

As a result of this constant innovation and competition, thousands, if not millions of brand-new golf drivers are bought each year, meaning that there is a huge market for used gold cubs and there are thousands of second-hand golf drivers for sale both online and in stores. There is also a huge cost incentive to buy second-hand golf drivers because the cost of a brand-new golf driver with the latest technology will likely cost around £500.

Where is the best place to buy Mizuno golf clubs & golf drivers?

For both Mizuno golf clubs and drivers from any of the leading golf manufacturers, a great place to find second-hand golf clubs in the UK is at Next2New Golf ( They have a wide variety of used Mizuno golf clubs, such as several sets of the Mizuno MP20 irons for less than £500 (RRP : £899)! As well as this, their website lists second hand golf drivers for sale for players of all abilities to fit every budget; with the prices of their second hand driver golf clubs coming in between £145 - £299.

Their well designed website is very user friendly and easy to navigate with a 5* rating on google. They ship to anywhere in the UK with 24 hour tracked Parcel Force delivery so you can be sure to get your clubs quickly and efficiently without leaving the house.

When browsing products on their website, Next2New Golf have a detailed description of each product along with high quality photos. When buying second-hand golf clubs, it is in the customers best interest to know what condition the products are in. Next2New Golf only sells the highest quality golf clubs from well known brands, and each unique item listed on the online store has a condition rating, so the customer knows what to expect from the product. Their friendly and experienced team are always on hand to answer any queries you have about any product on their website and assure the clubs you select will be perfectly suited to your needs.

The Next2New golf website and store is regularly updated with new products from all major golf brands including Mizuno at varying different price points depending on the condition of the club, meaning that there is something for everyone. Their website also regularly hosts sales and further reductions on clubs and other equipment to pass the savings onto the customer as well as offering promotional discount codes to be used at checkout.  This helps make golf affordable for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled and check the website regularly to make a saving on your next purchase.