How To Find Second Hand Ping Drivers and Used TaylorMade Golf Clubs in the UK

How To Find Second Hand Ping Drivers and Used TaylorMade Golf Clubs in the UK

How To Find Second Hand Ping Drivers and Used TaylorMade Golf Clubs in the UK

Ping Drivers in the UK Market

Ping golf clubs were created in the late 1950s by a man named Karsten Solheim in the USA. Solheim began designing and making golf clubs in his garage in California, and in 1959 he created his first putter which made a ‘ping’ noise when the putter struck the ball, hence the name Ping. Just 3 years later, John Barnum used a Ping putter to win a PGA Tour event for the very first time. Ping is now one of the most iconic and well-known brands within the golfing world, and the Ping brand has many endorsement deals with some of the world’s best golfers such as Louis Oosthuizen, Bubba Watson and Lee Westwood. Due to their large popularity, there is an abundance of Ping golf clubs on the market, with most golfing retailers having both new and second-hand Ping golf clubs for sale.

In 1968, the first ever Ping driver was created. The name of the model was the Ping ‘Karsten 1’ which, like most older drivers, was made of a wooden head and a steel shaft. The modern-day golf driver is very different and built for optimum performance on the course. As the game of golf is becoming more and more popular, golf club manufacturers are constantly in competition to create the best clubs on the market. The driver in golf is the longest club that a golfer will have in their bag and has the biggest head of any club. When it comes to drivers, the ultimate goal is to make a club that hits the ball further than any other. This can be achieved by increasing head speed and having an improved ‘sweet spot’ on the club face for optimal trajectory.

The major golf club manufacturers around the world such as Ping spend millions each year on research and development in pursuit of creating the best driver by experimenting with different materials as well as testing different weights and feel within the club. Even though golf is a game of accuracy and precision, one of the key elements of the modern game is about how far you can drive the ball. This is proven by the current tour pros who work hard in achieving the longest drive possible on the course leaving them with the least possible distance to the green/hole. This has been achieved because most modern drivers are now made with advanced, lightweight and strong materials like graphite, titanium and most recently, carbon fibre.

Ping’s most recent driver is the G425 series, released in 2021. This series includes the Ping G425 MAX, G425 LST and G425 SFT which Ping claim to be the most forgiving driver that money can buy. This means that the club is manufactured and designed in a way to reduce the adverse effects of a poor swing /contact with the ball, making the outcome not only more accurate, but more consistent. Ping state that the increase in forgiveness comes mainly from a 26-gram tungsten movable weight, made possible by weight savings from advancements in the driver’s dragonfly crown technology.

The RRP of the Ping G425 line of drivers is £419.00. Even though the majority of tour pros use the most modern version of their preferred driver, it is too expensive and generally unnecessary for the average golfer to buy a brand-new version of their driver each year when a new one is released. However, buying golf clubs does not have to break the bank. A great option for any golfer is to buy second hand. It is not only cheaper for the customer, but also more environmentally friendly. Modern golf clubs are manufactured with advanced technology and are designed with durability in mind. As a result of this, a lot of people sell on their old clubs when buying new ones, and almost always, the clubs are still in great condition due to their build quality, especially when buying an established brand like Ping.

Thanks to the worldwide growth and revolution of the internet, second-hand golf clubs are easier to purchase than ever before. So where can you buy a Ping Driver Second Hand in the UK?   You can find second hand ping drivers in traditional golf retailers or maybe even the pro shop at your local course. The best place to buy a Ping driver second hand, however, is on the internet. For example, you can find second hand Ping drivers at Next2New Golf (, including the Ping G425 LST driver for as little as £319! The Next2New Golf website has plenty of high-quality second hand clubs, with numerous photos and detailed descriptions of every product listed on their website so you can see what you are buying. As well as a condition rating which is essential when buying second hand gold clubs there are often discounts codes available which provide even greater value for money.  

TaylorMade Golf Clubs

TaylorMade is another internationally established golf brand, best known for their high performance, drivers and irons. TaylorMade have grown their brand within the golfing industry mainly around the claim that they have the ‘#1 driver in golf’. Their 2022 model driver ‘The Stealth’ had carbon fibre club face which is revolutionary to the industry, as most current drivers on the market being manufactured in titanium. TaylorMade have also strengthened their brand in recent years through partnerships and sponsorship deals with some of the biggest names on tour such as the Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and the current world #1 Scottie Scheffler.

As a brand, TaylorMade pride themselves in constantly revolutionising the game of golf through innovation and their ability to raise the bar of expected performance through the design of their golf clubs. This technology, however, does come at a cost. Using the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques not only comes at a cost to the manufacturer, but also to the customer. The TaylorMade 2022 Stealth driver has an RRP of £499.00 which again, is a lot to pay considering it is only 1 of 14 clubs in the bag. As TaylorMade is constantly adapting and creating new clubs each year, TaylorMade used golf clubs are one of the most abundant  the second-hand golf club market.

Just like Ping, a great place to find used TaylorMade golf clubs in the UK is at Next2New Golf. They have a wide range of used TaylorMade golf clubs listed on their website with products including putters, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and even the 2022 Stealth driver for just £369.00 which is a £130 saving on the RRP of the brand-new version of the same club. The Next2New golf website and store is regularly updated with new products from all major golf brands including TaylorMade at varying different price points depending on the condition of the club, meaning that there is something for everyone. Their website also regularly hosts sales and further reductions on clubs and other equipment to pass the savings onto the customer as well as offering promotional discount codes to be used at checkout. This helps make golf affordable for everyone, so keep checking the website regularly to make a saving on your next purchase.