12 Callaway - Supersoft

Type: Golf Balls

Mint Condition

Mint condition balls are pretty much brand new with no signs of use at all maybe hit once or twice.

Grade A

Grade A's have a little more sign of wear than a mint ball but are still an excellent condition. Grade A's may have a minor scuff marks and may have felt pen marks. They may carry a company or golf course logo, and may be a little discoloured (this does not affect ball performance).

Grade B

Grade B balls contain no splits / cracks and are still in good condition and a useable ball. They will can be a slightly older Model. They may have Golf course and company logos on. Grade B balls may have scuffs/abrasions, felt pen marks and show more signs of play. Grade B balls may be discoloured, off white in colour.  (This does not affect ball performance).